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YongFengYuan group covers 3 production facilities

YongFengYuan  Industry Co.,Ltd

Established in 2003, 1600 employees

Yearly capacity: 36 million pieces– 6 x ISOstatic machines

Product category: porcelain/bone china/premium magnesium porcelain

Inner Mongolia Great Khan Ceramics Co.,Ltd

Production operated in June 2014, 24 x ISOstatic machines

Planned yearly output: 50 million pieces, current running production

capability is 10 million pieces yearly and can be promptly expanded

once full equipment is installed.

Product category: premium magnesium porcelain

JiangXi YiShun new facility

In construction and will start production from March 2016

Planned yearly capacity: 30 million pcs for porcelain 24 x ISOstatic machines

We share with our customers following ideas and viewpoints.

We are highly automated, least dependence on labor.

We are highly aware of and obligated to eco-friendly production.

We  are highly embracing to social responsibility

We are hugely committed to our customers for partnership cooperation.

World Top Scientific Achievement

Under-glazed enamel hand painting

Under-glazed enamel hand painting

Half-ball embossing

Half-ball embossing

Lead and cadium free

Color glaze separating method

Crystal adhesion

Embossed gold

Super durable ware

Jing cai method

Under-glaze color

Hetian jade porcelain



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