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       Many thanks to the Leaders of the Chinese Government and Friends from different industries who support Yong Feng Yuan for long.

      Underneath the same blue sky, we have got the same dream with you. Only because of Ceramic, we know each other and we join together. Yong Feng Yuan-the representation of Long-lasting friendship, happiness of harvesting and the source of your kind support and cooperation. Our dream comes true because of you!

     In the beginning of the 80th century-the time of industry reformation-a new enterprise named Yong Feng Yuan was born in Raoping of Chaozhou-the place where we started our dream-the Revolution of ceramic manufacturing after 700 years of history.

      In 1985, Yong Feng Yuan had got an very valuable opportunity to meet the director of Hainan State owned Commercial Company and being introduced into Hainan market successfully. With the strong support from the local industrial association. Yong Feng Yuan had taken over 80% of the market share from 1985 to 1988, which had opened one of brightening pages in her history. Friendship and loyalty built are much more than ever. After the reformation of Hainan industry, Yong Feng Yuan had left Hainan and went into the international market through the Tianjin Art & Craft Import-Export Corporation.   

       In 1993, Yong Feng Yuan had been supported by the Shanxi Machinery Import and Export Corporation, the first time stepped out of China. This help her to broaden the eyesight and retrieve very valuable experience from overseas. This really initiated the sudden growth and further expansion of the enterprise.

     After the fundamental establishment built, Yong Feng Yuan had made an unexpected decision-building a manufacturing plant in Shenzhen. At that time, Yong Feng Yuan had suffered from strong objection from the top executives and even resignation of those to stop this enterprise reformation. But finally, this decision had been come true in considering the long term development of the company.

      In 2005, Yong Feng Yuan had faced a problem of over-budget investment. This pulled Yong Feng Yuan into the most terrible financial situation. At that moment, Yong Feng Yuan had received strong assistance from Mr. Li Jing You, the leader of the Commerce in Malaysia, who offered US$3.5 million to Yong Feng Yuan. He said: “Yong Feng Yuan is the first Chinese company who has the vision to become No. 1 of Ceramic in the world. I am Chinese so it is no doubt for me to help whatever I can. ” With such kind assistance, Yong Feng Yuan finally went through the worst time and once again strengthen her heart to achieve No. 1 of Ceramic in the world.

       In 2006, the leaders of Chinese Government Li Changchun and Li Lanqing had visited her booth in the 100th year anniversary of Canton fair and greatly appreciated the quality of Yong Feng Yuan’s product. This gave Yong Feng Yuan much more confidence than expected in this fair.  

        In the meantime, with the kind support and cooperation of province and local government, popularity of Yong Feng Yuan raised day by day and advertising became much effective. 

       In2007, Yong Feng Yuan had been selected by the Chinese Delegates and being appointed to be one of the representative from the industry to attend the Russia Fair. Going along with the Chinese Minister Hu Jintao to Russia, miracle happened again. Yong Feng Yuan’s product had been offered as an official gift from China to Russia. When the president of Russia Putin held up Yong Feng Yuan’s product in hand, he was deeply impressed and praised “this is the masterpiece from China! ” .

      Today, Yong Feng Yuan has achieved to certain stage of success and we really want to thank you for all the people who offered supports. We hope everyone hereby could support us, talk about us and work together in order to make the dream come true.

Inheritor of ICH of China Ceramics

Fouder of YFY Group

President Liu Quanhui


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