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China Yong Feng Yuan has roots in “Jiu Cun Kiln” from Raoping, inherited by Lius family, over 200 years experience of making porcelain enrich China Yong Feng Yuan with profound historical and cultural heritage, thats the foundation of China Yong Feng Yuan rise to glory.

The 1st generation founder of "Zheng Yu Porcelain" Collection Liu Shan

Mr. Liu Shan, was born in the village of “Jiu Cun” in the Qianlong Emperor’s era, located in northern mountain, Chaozhou Raoping, which has 700 years of ceramic production history. The original birthplace of Raoping ceramic region is famous for it’s large-scale production, endless variety of selection and premium quality. Mr. Liu Shan’s workshop was an important part of “Jiu Cun Kiln” began in Song dynasty, flourishing in Yuen to Ming and Qing dynasties, the Raoping’s “Jiu Cun Kiln” porcelain was famous for its blue and white porcelain called “Qing Hua” porcelain.

The 2nd generation founder of "Zheng Yu Porcelain" Collection Liu Liang

The 2nd generation founder Mr. Liu Liang, the grandson of Mr. Liu Shan, was born in 1860 grew up under the influence of his grandfather’s passion for ceramic art. Mr. Liu Liang focused on improving the decoration of “Zheng Yu Porcelain” from a single blue-and-white color to multiple European colors. The production of the porcelain from Raoping’s “Jiu Cun Kiln” mainly trade with Southeast Asia, India and Arab countries along the Han’s River, which created the opportunity to import colorful pigment from Europe.

The 3rd generation founder of "Zheng Yu Porcelain" Collection Liu Yilai

The 3rd generation founder Mr. Liu Yi Lai, was born in 1919 under the succession of his grandfather Mr. Liu Liang. Using Mr. Liu Liang’s color processing as the foundation, Mr. Liu Yi Lai fired the pigment and glaze separately which not only solved the major problem of color control, but also the uneven glaze issue. He used the one item per mold method, reducing the kiln cost and improving quality dramatically, which laid down the rigid ground works of pigment control techniques.

The 4th generation founder of "Zheng Yu Porcelain" Collection Liu Shifeng

The 4th generation founder Mr. Liu Shi Feng was born in 1939. During the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, Liu’s family of ceramic production basically was at a standstill condition until 1945. After the formation of New China, Mr. Liu Shi Feng puts lots of effort to transform his family-own operation into an industrial operation of the Guangdong. The name came to be Yong Feng Yuan ceramics industrial Co., Ltd. , and became the leading company in Raoping industry region.

The 5th generation founder of "Zheng Yu Porcelain" Collection Liu Quanhui

The 5th generation founder Mr. Liu Quan Hui, was born in 1966. During 1980 and 1990, as a result of China’s economic reform and modernization of the production and import, various local brands of ceramic enterprises have sprung up. Under the circumstances of opportunities and crises, Mr. Liu Quan Hui decided to scale up a greater risky reform in order to succeed in competition. Through 21st century, YFY grows through blooming foreign trade and multiplying company value. Product imitated to a new era of crafting its own character with cultural characteristics in ceramic design and production.

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