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Yong Feng Yuan Rice-patterned technique, an influx of five generation’s efforts, is another innovative technology after the under-glazed hand-painting and under-glazed engraving technology. It makes a great breakthrough in more than one thousand years of Jingdezhen ceramics craft “rice grain hole”. The Rice-patterned, color and glaze blend perfectly on the bone china, which highlights the products’ lightness, thinness and transparency. Integrating a four-year endeavor of world top talents and wisdom of world ceramic industry, Yong Feng Yuan’s Rice-patterned technique eventually appears via the upgrading of high and advanced technology and brand-new technological innovation. Now it is regarded as a new discovery of contemporary flouring age, which has won the praise from the world ceramic industry and has laid a solid foundation for the reviving and liftoff of Chinese ceramic industry. Yong Feng Yuan Rice-patterned products, crystal clear and moist limpid, will bring luxury to your high-qualified life, giving you a better mood.

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