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Endless of pursuit of excellence in quality


In terms of porcelain materials, the company contributed a lot. 


Yong Feng Yuan introduces fineness standard of raw materials from abroad as well to upgrade smoothness and fineness of homemade porcelain products. As the first chinaware producer in Shenzhen, Yong Feng Yuan Group overturned the traditional chinaware making arts through high-technology introduction and application. Newly applied clean energy replaced coal as burning resources led to zero pollution and zero emission in production.


Traditional method with serious pollution and high consumption was changed into heartily welcomed “Green Production”, which resulted in a storm of acclamation . Valued as a new-style porcelain enterprise, Yong Feng Yuan observes with international view and allocates global high-quality resources.


 It imports kaolin from New Zealand, bone china from the U.K., glaze from Japan, pigment and gold paste from Germany, plaster from Taiwan. At the same time, it integrates modern technology and culture into traditional industry by way of employing Japanese management experts and German technological experts, which greatly improved its brand value and speeded up internationalization process of such a traditional enterprise.  


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