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As the most valuable treasure in the Guangdong Hall, the enormous ceramic print, engraved by under-glazed technology, manufactured by a company enjoying the fame of Sate Ceramics has realized No.1 at 5 aspects in world ceramics field.

  1. 1. The employing of under-glazed ceramic engraving technology  on such a large scale is the world’s first.

  2. 2. The wide inlaying of crystal holes onto the ceramic block comes to the first worldwide. On the 8 square meters panel, there are two thousand and ten crystal holes, inlaid concisely but orderly, which creates a grandeur of “studding crystal in jade”. This is an ingenuity concerning bone china.

  3. 3. The bone-china panel is only 5 millimeter thick, half of common ceramic prints. To your surprise, such thin print is still orderly and even after firing, thus has become a pioneering work in ceramic scene.

  4. 4. Using color and glaze separation technique contributes to its under-glazed radiant and genuine color, nontoxic, free from lead and cadmium. In this way, the ceramic print proves to be the world utmost green ceramic print.

  5. 5. The 25 pieces have harmoniously forged into a unity with a seamless splicing technology, which is a predominance in ceramic prints field.

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