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1. China Yong Feng Yuan grand launch of the National Thanksgiving e-Gift Card Series, for many years of good friends and business elites to provide more personalized options.

2. Thanksgiving e-Gift card series introduced to provide you with more efficient, convenient and humane service business.

3. Thanksgiving e-Gift card series can used as shopping card.

4. Where the store has grateful e-Gift card series users can enjoy 10% discount on our goods. (except for Lady Turquoia and Pearls d Orients)

5. We are committed to promoting a better life, thanks to the introduction of e-Gift Card series will bring unexpected surprises to your life.

Terms of use:

1. We provide the following five different amount of the value of the e-Gift card for you to choose from: 1000 yuan, 2000 yuan, 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan, 10,000 yuan.

2.Please save your order number after purchasing the product, according to the order number and related information can be purchased in the China Yong Feng Yuan official mall you like the product.

3. Thanksgiving e-Card series is valid for 3 months, expired void.

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